nocturnal contemplation 

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sometimes i'm scared of how silent everything can be, so, please hear me out! sometimes when i can't sleep, it's just a matter of time before i'm hearing things. i swore i could feel 'It' through the walls, but that's impossible, isn't it? hell knows i ain't buying their stories, but you know i hate to be alone. so, please, could someone prove me wrong? sometimes i want to see my Creator. so i looked out to see the stars, but they weren't out tonight. i looked at the sky again, then felt nothing, so, all i could only do was to make a wish on a chinese satellite. sometimes i want to believe: that if i go outside, i'll see a tractor beam coming to take me to where i'm from. i want to go home. the place where all the things about you and me began. if only there truly is a beginning. sometimes i'm scared of how loud nothingness can be. so, please never mind!

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  • Lokasi: Kobe, Japan
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