Tolire Jaha Lake (Tolire Besar)  

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A phreatic volcanic eruption of Mount Gamalama Ternate in September 1775 has formed Tolire Jaha Crater Lake (Maar) with 750 m diameter, 350 m base height, and 40-50 m lake depth. It has sunk a whole Soelatakomi village down to the bottom of the lake with 141-recorded casualties. Now, Tolire Jaha becomes a sort of sacred destination that has a beautiful mountainscape and seascape at once. In this photo, I managed to walk around a steep cliff to shoot the lake with Hiri and West Halmahera Island background. To add a scenic description, Imagine a protected water body filled with crocodiles, biodiversity-rich environment, and socio-geological history. With such potential depiction, I am always wondering if Tolire Jaha can be further developed into a valuable ecotourism site rather than just a sightseeing or throwing stone lake. #khalids_tourism_notes #ecotourism #island_biogeography @nikonindonesia @pesonaindonesiaofficial #nikonindonesia #iamindonesia #pesonaindonesiaofficial #pesonaindonesia #landscapelovers #ig_travel #exploremalut #exploreternate #ig_beach #beautifuldestinations #nakedplanet #ig_landscape #wonderfulplaces #northmaluku #tolirebesar #ig_lake #ig_seascape

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  • Lokasi: Tolire Besar, Ternate, Indonesia
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