Impressive Time Lapse HDR Video from Sony Alpha 700

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Member flickr Andyathlon membuat satu keunikan video dengan elemen foto yang dibuat oleh Sony Alpha 700 + Sigma 10-20 mm

Here’s Andy’s description of his shooting and post-production for these cool time lapse HDR videos:

“The main aim of my stop animations was to capture movement in a shot that cannot be seen.

I shoot with a Sony a700 and a Sigma 10-20 to capture the most out of a scene. I combine this with a B&W ND10 which allows me to create a long exposure during the day.

I start by first taking a shot to compose the scene and balance the exposure I have found that this can vary heavily under the light conditions.

I aim to keep the exposure at around 1.5-3 seconds, this allows me to capture movement of people but not the detail. I do this using a Hahnel Giga T pro wireless remote. With this remote I can set exposures, delays and intervals.

Once I have the shot set up and balanced the exposure, I set the camera in Jpeg so I can store thousands of shots instead of hundreds then set my remote firing and wait……. and wait…….

Typically I am to get at least 700 shots, this will allow me to create a 70 second video if I use 10 frames per second in quicktime. Some of my longer videos have over 3-4 thousand shots which resulted in massive file sizes and huge processing times.

Once I have the shots it’s time to process. I use Photomatix batch processing to combine 2 shots to create the HDR, in theory this shouldn’t work as they are the same exposure and offer no difference. I alter the HDR settings and run a test shot through to see what it looks like, changing settings to alter the strength and colour of the HDR. Once I’m happy I let it run with my pc it can take up to 30mins but can vary massively depending on size and number of shots.

Finally once all the shots are processed I import them into quicktime using open image sequence, and then export the video with HD quality settings.”

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